What can you expect at our Discovery Days?

Meet our curriculum experts

Our programmes have been specially crafted to empower your child with the skills and knowledge needed not just for primary schools, but beyond.

Meet our specialist educators

Get to know our specialist Music, Speech & Drama and Mandarin teachers. These talented educators bring the curriculum to life for all Chiltern House children.

A happy child or a successful one? 

See how we can make both possible for our children at Chiltern House by making the most of our Discovery Days.

Pay close attention to what is on display

You can tell if a preschool is teacher-or student-led by looking at the work on display. Clue: when the work on display has no mistakes at all, and the students’ individual work look too similar to one another, this usually means that the work was structured and teacher-led. When you visit our centres, you will see a wide diversity of our children's work and achievements. 

That's simply how we celebrate their learning. 

Let your child move around the preschool on his or her own as much as your child is willing to, and watch how your child interacts with the environment.

How attentive are the teachers and staff in managing your child? How does the environment support your child in being independent and confident?

How your queries are attended to by the teachers and staff says a lot about parent-teacher communication in this school. At Chiltern House, we believe parents are our partners in our children's learning journeys. That's why we build strong relationships with them, constantly communicating so each child fulfils their potential.

Observe the interactions

Familiarise yourself with the curriculum and how it is executed

Get a sense of how the preschool’s curriculum and programmes will benefit your child, bearing in mind you and your child’s needs. What are you looking for in a preschool and how will the preschool meet your needs? 

Our Chiltern House programme offers the option of in-class learning support for children who benefit from an individualised curriculum to suit their learning style. 

Our learning support team works closely with teachers, parents and children to ensure success for all.

Having a solid curriculum is part of the success formula. Who delivers and executes the curriculum also makes a world of difference.

A Dramatically Different Foundation For Your Child

The key to strong parent-teacher partnerships begin with getting to know one another. It is with this in mind that I invite you to come for our Chiltern House Open House. Come and see, come and experience for yourself how Chiltern House can be the best fit for you and your child.

Today’s Learnings Tomorrow’s Advantage:


At Chiltern House, we believe in strong parent-teacher partnerships as part of our success formula for our students. Parents, we know that your time is precious, and we want to make it worth your while when you come to our Open House. We also know that a preschool education is not just to prepare your child for primary school, but to give your child a strong foundation for life, to give your child an advantage.

We will be running a workshop on our Open House Day on the life skills your child need in this fast-changing world. This 1 ½ hour workshop will give you a chance to get to know our specialist teachers and curriculum experts, as well as keep you updated on how we can work together to prepare your child for the future.

Give your child a dramatically different foundation today!

Children are welcome to come and enjoy our Open House activities while parents are at the workshop.

It’s Playtime!

Children are invited to join an interactive play session with our talented team of teachers.

Face painting, music and movement, dramatic play, storytelling, sing-along-sessions and endless learning are available.



Welcome to our

26 Feb - 2 Mar (Mon - Fri)
9am - 5pm 

East Coast | Forum | Mountbatten | Thomson | Turf Club

Explore a world of language, imagination and discovery with us.

          Hello, parents! At Chiltern House, we believe that a love of learning is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. 

That's why we bring together the warmth and security of a home, a holistic preschool curriculum and the magic of speech and drama – so that first step a child takes into school sparks a joyful journey of a lifetime.

At our Discovery Days, you'll get a personalised tour, meet our passionate educators, learn about our holistic curriculum and experience the start of a dramatically different foundation for your little one. See you soon! 

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See our staff and teachers in action

Different preschools manage this differently. Many parents of our students attest to how our carefully-selected teachers are able to communicate well and engage children in various activities, both effectively in English as well as Mandarin. Our teaching team comprises both overseas and locally trained educators adept at sparking every child's natural curiosity to learn within a stimulating, friendly and nurturing environment. Many of them have been with us for over 10 years and more.

Get to know them, and give them a chance to get to know you and your child too. You can tell a lot from interacting with the staff and teachers about their working style as opposed to reading or hearing how “caring” and “warm” the school is, or how well-trained the teachers are. Are the teachers articulate? How well do they interact with you and the other students? How do they manage groups of people? What is the teacher/child ratio? How do they manage conflict as it comes up? If bilingualism is important to you, how are the two languages integrated into the curriculum?

Offering parents both half and full-day programmes, Chiltern House engages children to think independently, express themselves confidently, and deepen their natural curiosity. This nurtures a lifelong love for learning. We have been giving children precious childhood memories and enabling them to excel in all academic areas for the past 20 years.

Frequent contact with our former students reinforce our belief that our alumni are confident communicators, have a positive self-image, and settle well into Primary School. Many Chiltern House children are chosen for a variety of leadership positions in primary and secondary school. We're proud that many of our children go on to further pursue their talents and interests, in addition to doing well in school and life.

Study The Class Sizes

Many parents come to Chiltern House because of our strong emphasis on communication in both English and Mandarin, spoken and written. Our children love our creative and comprehensive curriculum taught by specialist Music, Speech and Drama, Mandarin and Learning Support teachers who enrich the learning experiences of every child.

Chiltern House Open House

The workshop is complimentary and open to all parents (limited places of 20pax for each workshop).

We have created 3 workshops which cater to different preschool ages and stages of development. Choose the relevant session for you.



*$200 WAIVER

Enjoy $200 off your child's registration fees when you sign up on a Discovery Day!




Get a personalised tour & learn more about our curriculum 

26 Feb - 2 Mar (Mon - Fri)  
9am - 5pm

East Coast | Forum | Mountbatten  Thomson | Turf Club

Pre Nursery: 10am to 11am

Nursery 1 & 2: 1pm to 2.30pm

Kindergarten 1 & 2: 3pm to 4.30pm



Mountbatten | Thomson | Turf Club Road

What Our Parents Say

"Ethan has transformed and blossomed throughout his three over years in Chiltern House. He was painfully shy and wouldn't utter a word in class, but now his self confidence has grown by leaps and bounds and he can now voice his opinions very clearly! I believe the loving environment at Chiltern House Turf Club, in which teachers take a genuine interest in the growth and welfare of each child seriously, provides a safe and encouraging environment for the children to thrive and also peace of mind for the parents that their precious little ones are in good hands. Ethan's younger brother Euan has also started his journey with Chiltern House this year, and I look forward to a similarly positive experience, working in partnership with the teachers and principal to bring out the best in him."

Parents of Ethan Quek

"Just want to let you know that we were in awe when Rayyan shared with us what he had learned in school yesterday before we sleep.

We usually have like brief chats just before tucking him to bed at night. He told us he was taught the letter ’j’ in school. He could tell us ‘j’ is for jelly, jellyfish, jet, jacket and jungle. He could also write for us the letter ’j’ (in the air) and tell us how the letter sounds like. We were so impressed when we asked where did he learn all this, he said very loud and proudly, my Ms Siti taught me.

Just want to share this happy moment with you as we have really seen a big improvement in him in terms of his learning since he joined your class and the centre.

Thank you, Ms Siti."


Parent of Rayyan Kwang

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Fiona Walker,
Principal of Schools

How large a class is will also determine the amount of time an educator has to spend on the children. At Chiltern House, we keep our classes small, providing ample opportunity for our teachers to follow each child's progress closely.